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Canada Ranks on Top among 50 Countries in Investment and Immigration

Posted On: 29-Nov-2019
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Canada Ranks on Top among 50 Countries in Investment and Immigration

People around the world have again proved Canada as the best choice to live. On a recent research of Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index, Canada has been positioned in the third position. The research was conducted among 50 countries by considering the 20,035 online interviews with adults above the age group of 18 in 20 countries.

On the same index, Canada was ranked fifth place in the previous year. And, this year, France and Germany scored higher than Canada.

Among the six individual categories which were used to rank the 50 countries, Canada has obtained first in three of them. Also, three of the categories are immigration and investment, governance, and people. In addition, Canada was the only nation in the top five for improving its position in culture, tourism, and governance.

It is the second year in a row that Canada has backed the first position for investment and immigration. Investment and immigration are the top categories to attract people in terms of quality of life and business environment.

Vadim Volos, Spokesperson for the lead researcher, stated that “The Immigration and Investment Index evaluates a country’s power to attract talent and capital,” the statement read. “It is measured not only by whether people would consider studying, working, or living in that country, but also by perceptions of the country’s economic prosperity, equality of opportunity, and ultimately whether it is perceived to be a place with a high quality of life.”

There was even a request by the participants to provide “personality traits” of 50 countries.  Within this, Canada was given 39 percent of correspondents, 30 percent for being trustworthy, 29 percent for being happy, and 19 percent for being generous.

In praise to Canada, Volos added that “A Nation Brand (or a reputation) is not built overnight,” “Seldom does a nation earn a ranking within the top five on the overall [National Brand Index] without consistency in its image.”

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