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Canada is the Second-Best Country for immigrants- confirms US News & World Report

Posted On: 11-Jul-2017
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While the positive reviews of immigrants & the increasing interest of professionals towards Canada gives the impression of it being a popular destination for immigration, a US study officially confirms it all. A study conducted by United News (in association with the World Report) states that just after Sweden, Canada is the second-best country for immigrants in 2017.

Canada today is ranked higher than many of the nations that were marked dream destinations by immigrants a couple of years ago. Despite Australia and New Zealand having the same “Expression of Interest” immigration system, Canada is a first preference among the immigrant motivated crowd. Similarly, Finland & Norway have the same climate and atmosphere as Canada but are way behind in this year’s ranking of  Best Countries for immigrants.

While the United States shares a similar mixed market economy like Canada, it is no more an attractive destination for immigrants. Not to be amazed that since the Trump administration, United States has been losing a great number of immigrants- pushing it be on the seventh number in the World Report Ranking.

The United States & World Report compiled a list of 80 countries based on factors like income equality, economic stability, labor market etc. in order to create this list of best 10 countries for immigrants. Thousands of business leaders, politic members and institutions were consulted in order to produce this fair ranking. Additionally, the US News & World Report analyzed the share of immigrant population in a respective country, the amount of money immigrants in each country were able to send abroad, the UN Ranking etc.

Considering all this, Canada scored strong marks majorly for its healthy economy & the integration measures (eg. Language training) it adopts for the comfort of immigrants. Interestingly, Canada badges number one position for its Education factor. As of the report, Canada’s approach to make education mandatory & provide free primary and secondary education, even at a localized level has made it worthy for this achievement.

Best 10 Countries for immigrants (as per the report) are- Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, Norway, United States, Netherlands, Finland & Denmark

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