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Canada welcomed 92,000 candidates with New PR – Indians are the highest

Posted On: 04-Jul-2019
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Canada welcomed 92,000 candidates with New PR – Indians are the highest

According to the recent federal government report, it has been admitted that Canada has welcomed over 92,000 new permanent residents through the Express Entry System in 2018. When comparing to 2017, it is a 41% increase.

The increase in the admissions is parallel to the admission rise targets set by the federal economic-programs of Express Entry System.  The federal governments and the provinces select candidates from the Canadian Express Entry pool and provide the opportunity to apply for Canada PR.

Total admissions issued for Canada PR through Express Entry (2015-2018)

The Express Entry System has increased its targets for the three programs in 2018 and concluded to continue the same until 2021. Also, It has even expanded the targets of Provincial Nominee Programs from 55,000 in 2018 and carried to increase the same each year through 2021.

Invitations issued by Economic Federal Programs and PNPs – 2018

According to the year-end report, about 280,000 profiles from Express Entry have submitted their applications in 2018. From this, 70% of the applications were qualifying to start their process in any of the three Federal Skilled Programs.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class: About 53% of ITAs provided in 2018, i.e., 47,523 from total 89,800 ITAs.
  • Canadian Experience Class: Second highest in issuing ITAs in 2018; issued 30,571 ITAs from total 89,800.
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class: The program issued 904 ITAs from total 89,800.
  • Provincial Nomination: About 10,802 Express Entry candidates received an ITA in 2018. It is 8,733 higher than the previous year.

Invitations Issued by Economic Federal Programs and PNPs 2018

There was even a good number of admissions increase through Express Entry-aligned PNPs. Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and British Columbia sought a year-over-year increase of 3,082. Cities such as Toronto and Ottawa proved as the best destination for 64% candidates through Express Entry in 2018.

Among the received 122,247 applications in 2018;

  • Ontario was a choice of destination for 78,838;
  • British Columbia followed the next with 22,153 applicants;
  • Alberta was a choice for 8,868 candidates;
  • Saskatchewan was the next with 3,708; and
  • Nova Scotia was a choice for 3,532.

Among the candidates who received Invitations to apply in 2018, about 71% have not claimed for any extra points; only 5% had Canadian Employment Opportunities.

Who are the applicants receiving the highest invitations?

Software Engineers received the highest invitations in 2018. The second and next positions were taken up by the Information Systems Analysts and Consultants, Computer Programmer, Financial Auditors, and Administrative assistants.

Top 10 Occupations in 2018 Invitations received Percentage of all 2018 ITAs
Software Engineers 6,126 7%
Information Systems Analysts and Consultants 5,429 6%
Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers 3,450 4%
Financial Auditors and Accountants 2,483 3%
Administrative Assistants 2,335 3%
Professional Occupations in Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations 2,049 2%
University Professors and Lecturers 1,942 2%
Financial Investment Analysts 1,921 2%
Professional Occupations in Business Management Consulting 1,915 2%
Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations Managers 1,775 2%

Indians are the highest to receive Invitations to Apply in 2018

Based on the report, citizens of India receive the highest Express Entry invitations in 2018. Among the total, 41,675 ITAs are obtained to Indians, i.e. 46% of the ITAs. The next is followed by China, Nigeria, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom.

Indians are the highest to received ITAs in 2018

Human Core Factors:

Human Core factors have a significant role played in one’s Express Entry System. The points scored under this are based on the candidate’s age, education, work experience, language proficiency, etc. The IRCC issued data which estimates the percentage of the factors.

Considering the data provided by IRCC,

  • 51% of candidates between the age of 20 and 29 received ITA in 2018.
  • 48% of candidates had a Master’s degree or entry-to-practice professional degree, and the other 42% was for candidates having the post-secondary credential of three years or longer.
  • A major of 60% of candidates did not have any Canadian work experience. However, 39% had five years or more foreign work experience.

David Cohen, who is a senior partner with the Campbell, Cohen Canadian immigration law firm in Montreal stated that “The evolution of Canada’s Express Entry system has been thrilling to experience and 2018 was no exception, as this report makes clear”. “More than 90,000 foreign workers and their families were welcomed to Canada last year through Express Entry, an unprecedented number that we may see upstaged in the future given the higher targets that Canada has set for 2019 and 2020.”

For the latest updates on Canada immigration, you can follow our Newsfeed or feel free to drop a message at info@kansaz.com.

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