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Canada’s Federal government announces additional funds for foreign Worker Programs

Posted On: 28-Mar-2017
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This year on, the government of Canada has announced that to support the delivery of International Mobility Program and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program by providing an additional fund. As both these programs facilitate foreign workers an official entry into Canada and later enhance the Canada immigration numbers, the government focuses on its areas of improvement. By the means of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, the Canadian government has successfully brought a large number of workers, specifically to fill the jobs that were unable to be filled by the Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

The Finance Minister Bill Morneau declared it on March 22 that, as a part of the Government Budget for 2017, Government aims to fund a total of $279.8 in next five years, and about $ 49.8 million each year thereafter. Similarly, with an aim to uplift the program, the Parliamentary Committee in September 2016, suggested a few changes to the TFW program- processing methods, monitoring methods, transition plans and easy pathways for temporary workers to obtain a permanent resident status. The suggestion was taken positively and in December, the removal of cumulative duration (four- in four out rule) for certain workers was implemented. With this, the government also implemented an extension of the cap for low-wage temporary workers, who are majorly hired by seasonal firms or industries. With regards to the other suggested changes, he said they would be declared in the annual budget.

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