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Canada’s Global Skills Strategy – Fast-track visa inviting techies from US

Posted On: 17-Jun-2019
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Canada’s Global Skills Strategy – Fast-track visa inviting techies from US

Canada, with its Global Skills Strategy Program, has made an excellent record for last year. The program which provides a temporary work permit for top international talents in two weeks has welcomed nearly 24,000 people since its effect from June 2017. Surprisingly many of them are the skilled employees who are distressed with the new immigration policies of the United States of America.

In contrast to the break-down on tech-workers into the U.S by President Donald Trump, Canada’s Global Skills Strategy is helping many of the high-tech workers, managers, and researchers over shorter-term periods to migrate to Canada. Also, this has now become a great movement for Canadian tech companies.

Ahmed Hussen –a member of the Canadian House of Commons, states that the two-week processing is making the companies act faster for accepting talents. “The two-week processing has really transformed how they make business decisions.” “They know that in Canada, they can use this program to bring in talent really fast.”

Impact of Trumps Tougher Visa Restrictions on Canada:

There has been a great effect for the U.S with the new changes made by the President. Nearly a quarter of the Non-American employers from the U.S have made their way to Canada. Most of them are Indians belonging to the occupation backgrounds of computer and media programmers, university professors and software engineers, etc.

These Non-Americans have about 16,000 family members accompanied and are capable of receiving the rights to study and work in Canada. These tighter changes in the U.S has resulted in a good impact on Canada. The number of highly skilled foreign workers got raised, and the country added about 321,065 immigrants in the previous year. This is the most significant annual increase since the year 1913.

The Statistics of Canada states that the arrival of these large entries has made Canada’s population grow by 528,421 in the previous year, and this is an enormous increase since the 1950s. On the whole, the Global Skills Strategy Program has become a fast-track program in competing for international talents. Also, according to CBRE Group Inc., this has resulted in Toronto as World’s fastest-growing tech-jobs market in 2017.
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