Canada’s Next Prime Minister could be an Indian immigrant

Posted on February 22, 2018

Jagmeet Singh the son of two Indian immigrants who moved to Canada from Punjab is a charismatic leader who will take Prime Minister Justin Trudeau head on in the federal elections to be held in 2019. Mr. Singh heads one of the 3 chief Canadian political parties the New Democratic Party and could become the next Prime Minister if his party wins the 2019 elections.

In the Federal Elections of Canada scheduled to be held in 2019, an Indian immigrant son would give an equal competition to the rest of the nationalities nominated for Prime Minister role. Jagmeet Singh, a son born to two Indian immigrants who moved to Canada from Punjab is currently associated with the Canadian Ministry as a charismatic leader. In 2017, Jagmeet Singh became the first Sikh man to head one of three chief Canadian political parties. Before entering the political field, Jagmeet Singh was a Criminal Defense Lawyer based in Toronto. As quoted by Canadim, Jagmeet Sing is the first turbaned Sikh man to hold a position in the Parliament of Ontario.

In 2019 election, if Jagmeet is victorious, he would head the position of Canada Next Prime Minister. With this, it can be expected that his new Democratic Party would support a high level of immigration.

This indeed shows the growing scope of Indian immigrants and their generations in Canada. With this successful shift in power, Canada will also be recognized as a nation that has arms wide open for immigrants and is a certainly perfect Immigrant’s Capital City.