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Canadian Government explicates entrepreneurs who qualify for Work Permit

Posted On: 21-Sep-2017
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In the recent days, the Canada government was facing several issues related to issuing of work permits to entrepreneurs and self-employed who were seeking PR in future. To resolve all the related issues, the Canadian Government has issued a confirmation regarding the categories of self-employed persons and entrepreneurs who may be qualified for a  Canada work permit prior to obtaining Canadian permanent residency.

If a business person or a self-employed candidate has received a nomination under the business category, and his PR application is not in process yet, he can be authorized to claim a C11 work permit as an initial permit. The updated instructions state that this principle is applicable in the following scenarios:

  1. The potential or actual provincial nominees undertaking business activities: This means that a work permit may be issued to a foreign national who is being considered by a province or territory for potential nomination. This indicates that the specific province or territory has approved the candidate’s business plans and wants to give him an opportunity  to establish his business before they actually nominate the foreign national.
  2. Quebec destined entrepreneurs or self employed persons issues a Quebec Selection Certificate: Self-employed person or entrepreneurs may be issued a work permit if they are destined to Quebec and have a CSQ, and are neither a temporary worker nor a permanent resident.

In both of these scenarios, the government acknowledges that the individual is seeking eventual permanent residence and that entry to Canada and its labour market before permanent residence is granted may be mutually beneficial.

Source: CICnews

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