Changes in Australia 457 visa- the change may come into effect from January 2017

Posted on September 30, 2016

The Australian government has announced to bring in certain reforms to the subclass 457 visa visa for foreign nationals to work for an approved business of Australia, for a period of 4 years) reveal that 457 visa holders residing along with their children in the Southern Australia region will be effected most by this reform.

According to the new rule, since January 2017, families planning to reside in Southern Australia on a 457 visa will be liable to pay a huge amount for their children’s education in elementary schools or high schools. While the contribution fees to be paid by the parents will depend on the financial condition of the family, the government has announced an average figure. The annual education fees is estimated to be $ 5100 for admission in elementary school while for children enrolling in a high school education, parents will have to pay $ 6100. However, this fees will be applicable to the eldest child, while the following children may get a ten percent discount. It is also predicted that from January 2018, this rule may be applicable to all 457 visa holders residing in any state of Australia.