Changes in Canada immigration greatly to benefit Indian students

Posted on November 21, 2016

The recent changes in the Canada Express Entry that exempted certain eligible candidates from LMIA shall greatly benefit Indian students who in a number as large as 50000. A local magazine showed a report According to a local magazine, students from India make up the second highest. In the decade before 2004 student enrolled were about 6675, and the recent decade of 2015 has seen an increase in number up to 48914. Right now 13.7% of the total international students in Canada are from India. Previously, students with this education had no benefit when they applied for a Permanent resident status of Canada. But, with the new changes in Express Entry where students will be allotted an additional of 30 points for post-secondary education of Canada, students of India in Canada will be greatly benefited when they apply for a PR status post studies.