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Victoria Skilled Nomination Program

Posted On: 01-Mar-2019
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Victoria Skilled Nomination Program

Australia is one of the most beautiful places when it comes to permanent stay. Victoria, one of its popular states is preferred by most of the skilled migrants to settle and work for a reason that it has ever-green employment opportunities. This south eastern state also consists of fascinating destinations that range from forests to beaches.

You and your family can comfortably reside in Victoria and plan to work there since the state is very well equipped with all the latest technology and infrastructure needed for education and work. The state offers nomination to the skilled professionals across the globe to fill the gaps in the labour market of Victoria. These individuals are nominated through the Victoria skilled nomination program and are provided with a skilled nominated visa subclass 190. The department of Victoria immigration provides the skilled workers with a state nomination according to their eligibility requirements.

What is the Victoria skilled nomination program?

The state of Victoria provides visa nomination for general skilled migration to professionals that are skilled workers and meet the job qualification standards similar to that of the labour market of Victoria. There are two main nomination programs that the state currently offers:

  1. Skilled nominated visa (subclass 190)
  2. Skilled regional provisional (subclass 489)
    • Skilled nominated visa (subclass 190):

The skilled nominated visa provides you with a skilled immigrant visa to attain the permanent residency and work in Australia, provided you are nominated by the territory or state and possess an occupation that is in demand in the labour market of Australia. The department of home affairs regulates this visa, which means that you must have a job offer from the employer in Australia and must be nominated by them.

  • Skilled regional provisional (subclass 489):

The skilled regional provisional visa is a kind of provisional visa that has a validity of 4 years. It allows you to live and work in certain regions of Australia. The commonwealth government department of home affairs regulates this visa.

However, you must note that every kind of occupation in the state of Victoria is eligible for the Victoria state nomination program. Certain occupations are only considered that are listed in the visa nomination occupation list. This occupation list is applied for two kinds of candidates:

  1. Graduates and Phd graduates
  2. Experienced professionals

Recently, the Warrnambool city council of Victoria has released a new list of skilled occupations under DAMA or Designated Area Migration Agreement. About 27 new and different occupations have been listed that cater the needs of the business innovation in Victoria.

These skilled occupations are further divided into sub-categories which are as follows:

  1. Engineering:
    • Civil engineer
    • Mechanical engineer
    • Electrical engineer
    • Engineering technologist
    • Civil engineering drafts person
    • Electrical engineering drafts person
  2. Science and biotechnology:
    • Physicist
    • Mathematician
    • Agricultural scientist
    • Agricultural consultant
    • Veterinarian
  3. Human resource management:
    • Human resource manager
  4. Information and communications technology:
    • ICT business analyst
    • ICT project manager
    • Developer programmer
    • Analyst programmer
    • Software engineer
    • Database administrator
    • Computer network and systems engineer
  5. Health:
    • Health information manager
    • Midwifery board
    • Registered nurse
    • Nurse practitioner
    • Dietician
    • Physiotherapist
    • Clinical psychologist
    • Occupational therapist
    • Podiatrist
    • Sonographer
    • Social worker
    • Speech pathologist
    • Nuclear medicine technologist
  6. Tourism and hospitality:
    • Hotel or motel manager
    • Chef
  7. Education:
    • Pre-primary and primary school teacher
    • Child-care centre manager
    • Secondary school teacher
    • Interpreter
  8. Trades:
    • Construction trades
    • Engineering trades
    • Electronic/electrical/communications trade
    • Hospitality trades

Each of these specializations have different eligibility criteria and requirements. You must go through them thoroughly and see under which category does your occupation fall into. For additional assistance you can take help from our immigration consultants.

Process to apply for the Victorian state nomination visa:

The application process for the Victoria state nomination visa is easy yet tricky and needs to be carefully processed. Keep in mind these steps and you should be able to proceed further.

  1. The initial step is to check if you meet all the requirements based in the eligibility criteria stated.
  2. Apply for the Victoria state nomination program online. Applying for the nomination is free of cost.
  3. You however need to meet these following requirements when you start your application:
    • Your detailed CV with all proper dates mentioned and explanations about your educational qualifications, work experience and related certificates.
    • Certificate of IELTS as a proof of your English language proficiency
    • Certificates for your education or trade
    • Certificate for your working experience and relative references
    • Proof of your licenses in case needed
  4. In case your state nomination is accepted by the officials, you must accept the offer for your nomination provided to you by the government of Victoria.
  5. Apply for your permanent residency visa with the help of DIAC when you are offered with the invitation to apply.

How do you know if you qualify for Victorian visa nomination?

There are certain eligibility criteria that you must meet to qualify for the Victoria visa nomination. These factors determine if you can get the permanent residency or not.

  1. Age:
    • You must be less than 50 years old.
  2. Language skills:
    • You must have scored a minimum of 5 bands in IELTS for your English language proficiency in every module of the exam. You also have to provide the IELTS certificate before you proceed for your application.
  3. Occupation:
    • You must check if your occupation is in the list of the Victoria skilled occupation. Not every occupation is listed in the same and is eligible for the Victoria skilled nomination.
  4. Work experience:
    • Different skilled occupations require different years’ work experience. You must go through the minimum required working experience for your occupation and see if you meet them or not.
  5. Required minimum funds:

If you are a skilled nomination visa applicant, you must have a certain minimum required funds to start a living in Victoria. The skilled nomination visa 190 requires you to have these funds with you so that you can survive through your expenses of your initial days in the state. Foreign skilled immigrants are however required to possess a minimum amount of AUD 30000.

What is the processing time for Victoria nomination program?

The processing time for the Victoria skilled migration program depends on many factors such as the application form of the candidate and many other related factors like:

  1. Completion of documents and application form
  2. Volume of applications received by the immigration officials of Victoria
  3. Related enquiry from the officials of immigration

However, according to the department of immigration and border protection, the standard Victoria nomination program processing time varies from 7 months to 1 year.

What are the recent to apply for Victoria nomination program?

You must meet these following eligibility criteria if you wish to apply for the Victoria nomination program to get the permanent residence and work permit in the state of Victoria.

  1. The occupation for which you are nominated must have a registration in the visa nomination occupation list.
  2. You must be possessing skills assessment for the occupation you wish to pursue in Victoria.
  3. Your age should not me more than 50 years.
  4. The minimum required point test score for the Australian immigration must be achieved by you.
  5. You must score the minimum required points in the test for your English language proficiency.
  6. You must be willing to reside in Victoria for atleast 2 years.

Getting the Victorian permanent residency is not that difficult or complicated as it seems. There are so many different opportunities for skilled immigrants and skilled professionals if their job is in high demand in the occupation list of Victoria. If you are aware of the rules, regulations, minimum eligibility requirements and skills, getting the Victoria permanent residence should not be tricky.

However, the policies of Victoria can be quite deceptive and are subject to change. So, if you are unsure about how they would work, even the minutest of mistake can lead to rejection of your application. You can easily start your application procedure today by contacting our professional experts that are experienced in the same field to provide you with all the necessary immigration services.

Victoria is a place where most of the immigrants from all around the world desire to live and work since it is one of the most beautiful places in Australia. It also provides diversified employment opportunities many industrial sectors that makes it possible for the skilled professionals to migrate to the state in search of a better lifestyle. All this is possible when you start your application procedure for your Victoria skilled nomination program.

Our visa counselors and experts can handle your immigration visa procedure and guide you aptly to get your permanent residence in Australia. We help all the potential and skilled professionals to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams of residing and working in Australia to lead a better life.

If you too are one of them and planning to reside in Australia, you must not give it a second thought since it’s an opportunity of a lifetime. You can easily initiate your application process by talking to our migration agent for all the required guidance. Our experienced consultants will provide you with all the required information and assistance for smooth conduct of your visa procedure.

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