Check Australia’s latest skill select update for February 2019

Posted on March 19, 2019

Based on the recent Skill Select update for the month February, 1,490 invitations were issued to apply for Australia PR. The number is a dropped out score when compared to the previous invitation round. The previous invitation round held on 11th January 2019 issued 2,490 invitations.

What is skillselect?

Australia visa application consists of an online pool system called EOI or Expression of Interest. Under this program, a candidate has to first complete the skills assessment and online application form. The skillselect manages all application for Australia under general skilled migration programs.

When shall you do your complete expression of interest in skillselect?

This stage in 2nd step under the 3 stage process. Once you complete your assessment from authorized skill assessment body, you can complete this process.

What happens to your EOI after you submit it via the skillselect?

After you lodge the application for skilled migration program:
a.the points will be calculated: You would be assigned points on age, Education, work experience, Language test etc. If you meet the points test for a certain occupation, you should receive ITA or invitation to apply.
b.State nomination: You may also receive state nomination from multiple states, who have demand for your profile in their own region.

How many points do you need to qualify for a skillselect visa?

It is highly suggested that you score at least 65points including state nomination to expect an invitation to apply.

What happens when you have been selected to apply for an Australian visa through skillselect?

Once you receive an invitation for the further process, you need to prepare the application and submit it to the Department of immigration and border protection. This is the final stage where DIBP will ask you to submit the documents including Skills assessment, English language test along with other important documents.
You will be also asked to undergo a medical exam and submit the police clearance certificate.

What are the Australian visas you can apply for under the skillselect?

The popular visa categories for Australia permanent residency under skilled migration are:
a. Skilled Independent Visa – Subclass189
b. State Nominated Visa- Subclass190
c. Territory Nominated Visa- Subclass 489

The Subclass189 or Skilled Independent Visa experienced a decrease in its number of invitations. The cut-off score for the non-pro-rata occupations was left at 70. This decrease was due to the lodge of Expression of Interest (EOI) in the month of November 2018. This wait time – over 3 months resulted in a decrease of intakes.
Every month with a cut-off score of 80, the Family Sponsored Visa (Subclass489) issued10 invitations. After the lodge of the Expression of Interest (EOI), the processing times followed over 3 months.
When considering the point scores of the pro-rata occupations in the recent intake, there have been few ups and downs. This was due to the decreased invitation takes. The occupation- Accountant had its points increased to 85. The occupation- Auditor remained with the same point score of 80. The rest of the pro-rata occupations experienced an increase of point score to 75.

Find the below table for understanding the point-scores for the pro-rata occupations in February 2019 round.

Occupation IDName of the OccupationMinimum Score
2212Auditors, Company Secretaries, and Corporate Treasurers80
2334Electronics Engineer75
2335Industrial, Mechanical, and Production75
2339Other Processing Professionals75
2611ICT Business and System Analysts75
2613Software and Application Programmers75
2631Computer Network Professionals75

After the February Skill Select intake, Australia updated its occupation lists – MLTSSL, ROL, and STSSL on 11th March 2019. Later, South Australia followed the same and updated its occupation list.

To know more about the changes in the Skilled Occupation Lists of Australia, you can feel free to speak to our immigration experts.