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China is among today’s most chosen destinations for higher education

Posted On: 08-Jul-2017
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By time, China is emerging as a popular choice among the students seeking for international education. According to the announcement by the Ministry of Education, China nearly 442,773 students from over 180 countries have opted to study in China during 2016-2017. The overall percentage of student enrollment each year increases tremendously, and of the last year’s report it has risen upto 11.4%.

It is believed that the affordability of studying in China and the added benefit of working part-time for international students are the major reasons for this growing interest. Besides, establishment of 500 companies in China (most of which operate from Shangai, Hong Kong, Beijing) and the opportunities these companies are offering for China graduates have attracted students to a great extent. Not just this, but expats believe that understanding of the Chinese language & culture is comparatively easier & beneficial. A degree obtained is high-regard in many international countries & given first preference for global opportunities.

To enhance & make study in China an easy approach for interested students, many universities are opening joint venture universities in China. Also, several satellite campuses overseas are being set up by Chinese Universities to boost this initiative.

Besides China, Canada & Australia are a popular choice among students (majorly from India). If you too want to enhance your career by obtaining an international degree, our experts are here to help you. Starting from preparing your admission application till you receive your visa, we render all types of services. Ask our Student Visa Experts more on how we can help you to study in a country that is best for you & your career.

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