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When it comes to accepting immigrants, Canada stands on the fourth position

Posted On: 07-May-2018
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When it comes to accepting immigrants, Canada stands on the fourth position

In the recent Gallup’s Migrant Acceptance Index which determined the acceptance of new population level among 140 countries of worldwide, Canada stood on the 4th position. With Iceland ranking number one, followed by New Zealand and Rwanda, Canada was stated to the fourth country that accepts most immigrants. It score 8.14 out of possible 9 in the index.

This score is based upon the answers received from nearly 2,000 Canadians who were aged 15 years or above were surveyed between August 1o to November 29, 2017. On comparison, United States ranked 9th on the Index with a score of 7.86. Pertaining to the immigration policies of US 2017, Canada saw a significant increase in number of immigrants and asylum seekers moving from US to Canada. The Gallup researches, Julie Ray, Neli Esipova and Anita Pugliese, in this context stated that both Canada and the US are accepting many immigrants from worldwide, but the political lines disturb immigration in the United States.

People who believed that Trump’s administration’s has well targeted immigration as a threat to national security and American workers and believe Trump’s initiative to be good one have scored 7.08 out of 9 on the index, while those who disapproved Trump’s performance score 8.54.

A similar trend was observed in Canada with respect to the performance of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plans. According to the Gallup’s Migrant Acceptance Index, people to agreed to Liberal Government’s favorable immigration plans and associated initiatives have scored 8.64 on the index while those who did not accept scored 7.84.

“Both Canada and the United States have long histories as receiving countries, but in the past two years, one government has embraced that history, while the other has been trying to distance itself from it,” wrote the authors.

The index has been created to assess people’s acceptance of immigrants based on what it calls “increasing degrees of proximity,” says Gallup. Three questions were being asked and it was assessed how people respond to it. Also, the recent Environics Insitute Study found that majority of Canadians hold a positive view about immigration. The Gallup Migrant Acceptance Index echoes the same study.

“This study found that the acceptance of immigrants in both countries was higher among younger residents, those with the most education and those living in urban areas. Levels of acceptance were also higher in both Canada and the U.S. among those currently working and those who reported being satisfied with their income and standard of living than among those who were not working or did not feel like they were getting their fair share”- a statement from the CICnews.

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