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Danish Government Proposes Plan To Hire Foreign Skilled Workers

Posted On: 16-Oct-2018
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Danish Government Proposes Plan To Hire Foreign Skilled Workers

Employment Minister, Troels Lund Poulsen presented a 21 point programme. The above programme targets to smoothen the way the company’s desire to attract the skilled workers from abroad.

The programme wishes to make it easier as well as less bureaucratic for Danish companies so that they can attract as well as employ foreign labour, the Ministry of Employment stated in the press statement.

As per the government press release, decreasing unemployment figures as well as growing Danish economy, along with companies signaling that they were need of skilled labour was a major reason that led to above new initiative.

Lars Lokke Rasmussen, Prime Minister confirmed in his speech at the opening of parliament session, that government would be keen to support the Danish companies in this regard in the coming parliamentary term.

As per the statement released while presenting the 21 point programme, it brought to light that companies are facing red tape and they are finding difficult to fill a key position that could have a longer-term negative impact on growth, jobs as well as welfare.

The statement further added foreign labour is beneficial for all Danes in the form of increased growth as well as more kroner in the public purse.

Details of the package key elements were published on the Ministry of Employment website. In the package, it proposes updates to the so-called “positive list” a specialties list within industries wherein Denmark presently lacks highly skilled labour. Within the fields, degree-level qualifications covered by the list can help the foreign employee to qualify for a working visa in Denmark.

The proposal has taken into consideration both streamlining as well as simplification of rules as well as application processes for foreign nationals working in Denmark.

Poulsen stated the initiative was an important step in order to avoid leaving the Danish companies at a disadvantage. The minister also stated that the Programme would not result in Danes being kept out of Work.

We have asked for better access to schemes for international experts for some time and also requested for simplification of the rules, Linda Wendelboe, head of the global talent with Dansk Industries (DI). We are happy that the government has been supportive and accommodated some of our requests in the new proposal, Wendelboe added.

As per the National Bureau of Statistics Denmark, unemployment fell by 600 during July as well as August this year. Since August 2017 to August 2018, nearing to 11,200 people have gained employment. The exceptionally high employment figures are almost like a warning signal about present struggles which numerous companies are facing to fill the positions, Dansk Industries (DI) argued.

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