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Decline in the number of Indian students applying for US universities

Posted On: 30-Mar-2017
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According to the report published by Open Doors in November 2016, there has been a drastic decline of 26 percent of student applications of the US Universities. The Open Doors Report is sponsored via the Bureau and Educational and Cultural Affairs at the US Department of States. This report details the comprehensive study on international students as well as teachers associated with the higher education system of United States. The Open Doors conducts survey by the support of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission officers, The Association of International Educators, National Association for College Admission Counselling (NACAC),  Institute of International Education and subgroup International Association for College Admission Counselling (ACAC),   to know the value and inputs of students from outside studying in the United States.

While the full version of the report is still due, the released statement reflects that there is over 26 per cent decline in undergraduate applications, 40 percent decline in international applications, 15 percent decline in graduate applications and 32 percent decline in applications received from China. As China and India together make up 47 of the total international student population, the decline in these numbers is sure to affect the US economy- majorly the technology and engineering sectors. This is because international students make a large element of the economy by contributing their skills and education to these sectors.

Since the release of the report, American Universities are worried about the decline in the number of international students and also have commented on this report. While a majority of them believe that this could be a consequence of the Trump presidency and the immigration bans brought in by the President, some believe that the demonetization policy, which has brought a weakness of Indian rupee against the American dollar and has affected the interest of students. The widespread rumors of the Optional Practical Training Programme (a program that allows students to work for one-three years while on their study visa before applying for H1B visa) restrictions could also be a major effect – sources say.

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