Denmark offers additional employment facility to overseas professionals

Posted on February 9, 2018

The Ministry of Integration and Immigration has called out the Denmark Government’s plans of introducing a Work Visa facility for overseas professionals. This means that immigrant workers will now be able to take up additional employment besides their primary job. However, the second job must be only taken in the same field of their current job.

In 2017, the issue of secondary employment was highlighted in the Denmark media. According to the reports, overseas academics were accused for teaching apart from the chief institutions of employment. A Professor from Columbia, Jimmy Martinez-Correa was faced the charges for accepting an offer in 2013 to teach international students at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad and was released by the High Court in 2017. This Columbian province faced a possible 15-year ban from applying for Danish residency for the similar cause.

Now with the new rule and new visa facility, overseas professionals can offer additional employment of 156 hours quarterly besides their regular employment. It means that they will be allowed to work 12 hours on a secondary job. The Ministry of Immigration stressed on its press statement that until now a new job permit was required to take up each job. This aspect has now become outdated and inflexible. Reported by the Local DK, the government is working to liberalize its work visa rules.

This proposal has been tabled in the Parliament by the Denmark Minister of Immigration, Inger Stojberg. He added that diverse stakeholders will have their opinions and after which the revised proposal will be again placed in the Parliament. There are possibilities that this proposal will be passed as bill in the very near future.