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Donald Trump blames chain immigration & diversity visa lottery system a reason for recent NYC attacks

Posted On: 23-Dec-2017
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Donald Trump blames chain immigration & diversity visa lottery system a reason for recent NYC attacks

The recent New York Attack which suspected an involvement of a Bangladesh native residing in the United States on a permanent resident visa has urged President to make immigration tougher.  He said that the attack planner migrated to the United States through a chain migration system. Through both chain migration and diversity visa lottery system “worst of the worst” candidates are being sent to the United States, Trump believes.

In the White House on Monday, he stated: “Today’s attempted mass murder attack in New York City — the second terror attack in New York in the last two months — once again highlights the urgent need for Congress to enact legislative reforms to protect the American people.” “America should always stand firm against terrorism and extremism, ensuring that our great institutions can address all evil acts of terror. ” he further added.

This is the second attack in this year which involved immigrant suspects. According to the authorities, astonishingly both men involved in this attack (one who migrated through a chain immigration and another who moved to US on winning a visa lottery) radicalized after they came to the United States.

During a speech at the Police Officer Training Program in Virginia, Donald Trump raised his voice against the working of a biased immigration system the United States follows.  “You think the country is giving us their best people? No,” he raged. In continuation, he said that foreign leaders are given a chance to choose visa recipients and that process must be curbed. “What kind of a system is that? They come in by a lottery. They give us their worst people; they put them in a bin.” “Congratulations, you’re going to the United States, ok.’”

While this is all what Trump has to say against the current immigration system of the United States, the State Department has a contrary story to tell. As per the statements of the State Department, all candidates who seek for a visa through the diversity lottery or through family sponsorship mandatorily need to undergo screening, including vetting through law enforcement and counterterrorism databases, and medical evaluations. Likewise, the winners of the Diversity visa system must have to demonstrate min. high school education or equivalent and show a min 2 yrs of work experience in an occupation that requires two or more years of training.

The Conclusion

With the increasing unhappiness between Donald Trump and current immigration policies of the United States, skilled migrants seeking to settle in the US can increase their hopes up for a fair migration system in the United States. Sources reveal that President Donald Trump wants to cut down a partially working immigration system and give way to points-based immigration system inspired by Canada and Australia. In the month of August, a proposed bill for points based immigrant system was submitted to the Congress, but no update on its implementation has been received so far.

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