Easy Study and Stay programs for Nova Scotia

Posted on December 3, 2016
Nova Scotia has always been among the ideal places to study. As the workforce is aging, the province attracts students with flexible study programs and immigration options. This time the two pilot programs by introduced by the province  Study and Stay program and Stay in Nova Scotia program have created an excitement among students to a great extent. The province aims to accommodate over 50 students through these programs, that would cover all ranks of post-secondary education. As of the current statistics, only a 2-3% student population stay back in Nova Scotia post-graduation, despite over 74% show interest to stay back but the lack of suitable opportunities drives them back home. Now by introducing the Stay in Nova Scotia, the province aims to retain over 80% of the population by offering a 1 year additional stay after the graduation program. Furthermore, 50 students shall commence studies in the province in 2017 through the Study and Stay program. This programmed will be accessible to students from China, India and Philippine-the nations Nova Scotia believes to strengthen trade ties in future.
“We understand that the reason many Indian students choose to study in Canada is for their potential long-term work opportunities, and so we’re hopeful that being a bit more explicit and supportive in that area may help raise our profile in India,” said the CEO of EduNova, Wendy Luther, the person governing both these programs.