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Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program for Chicago graduates

Posted On: 13-Apr-2017
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One of the most well-known cities of the United States, Chicago has high aims to encourage graduates , welcome students from worldwide and at the same time retain the skilled workers to stay who have studied in the city. Considering the skills gap and the need of talented youth to fill in the high in-demand areas of the city, Chicago is soon to introduce innovative programs. Among the many initiatives, the announcement of Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program has been official.

This program has been specifically designed for students with entrepreneurial aims and ideas, and to retain them by providing an opportunity to have their start-up business in the city. This program is a joint initiative of five colleges of Chicago- DePaul University, Loyola University Chicago, North Western University, Columbia College, Chicago and Illinois Institute of Technology.

As of the news, the Entrepreneur-in-residence scheme shall bring in 10-20 opportunities for these colleges to sponsor eligible and right students for H1B visa.  In this context, Mayor Emanuel states the Chicago is a lively city & good entrepreneurial talent will bring in innovation, employment and economic growth to this welcoming city.

By the means of this program, eligible candidates can work as part-time for the colleges, and simultaneously work on their start-ups too. Candidates who are eligible for this program will b able to have their start-ups in innovation hubs, centers for entrepreneurship or start-up incubators in the college. In the very near future, University of Missouri at St Louis, Alaska Pacific University and University of Alaska, Anchorage will also be joining this program.

If you are interested to study in Chicago or any city of the Unity states, consult the Student Counselors of Kansas Overseas Careers at no-cost.

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