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The Express Entry-alike System of Quebec is named as the Arrima System- confirms a recent update

Posted On: 09-Aug-2018
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The Express Entry-alike System of Quebec is named as the Arrima System- confirms a recent update

The much awaited news of where to submit the new applications for Quebec immigration has been released today. According to Immigration Quebec Government (MIDI) people who want to migrate to Quebec are required to submit a Declaration of Interest to Arrima Portal, which shall be soon launched by Quebec. Candidates need to prove their education, work experience, English language skills, financial self sufficiency etc. and reach a specific threshold of points before they can submit their Declaration of Interest to the Arrima Portal. Applications submitted will then land into a Declaration of Interest Bank, from where they would be chosen for permanent selection by the MIDI. The immigration website of Quebec stats that from here on candidates inky who have been selected by the Ministry will be allowed to apply for permanent selection.

How selections are expected to happen?

While there is no official confirmation on how applications may be picked up from the Bank, Quebec Immigration Minister, David Heurtel, states that candidates with best skilled work experience in occupations which Quebec faces shortage will be moved to the front of the line for selection. The Section 44 of the updated Act states that “criterion relating to a foreign national’s ability to successfully stay or settle in Quebec, such as training or a trade or occupation” may determine invitations. Other criteria may include “a region of destination in Quebec, a country or region affected by a humanitarian crisis or the existence of an international commitment.”

In the similar context, the Quebec immigration website reflects, the following applications for permanent selection will receive priority processing:

  • applications submitted under the Programme de l’expérience québécoise (PEQ – Québec Experience Program);
  • certain applications submitted following an invitation from the Minister, which are applications from persons who have a validated job offer.

To know your qualifying points consult our Quebec immigration expert. To receive an instant update on the Quebec immigration selection system, subscribe to our news updates.

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