Express Entry Draw Update- 3749 candidates invited for Canada PR

Posted on March 25, 2017

Express Entry conducted the 57th Draw on March 24, 2017, wherein about 3749 candidates were issued with an ITA for Canada PR visa. This draw has been the second one in this month, though was conducted after a long awaited span. The cutoff score for this draw was set to 441 points. This means that this draw made it possible for even candidates with Bachelor’s degree & proficient English language skills, who had no additional points for provincial nomination or Canadian work experience to get the Invitation to Apply for the Canada Permanent Resident status.

Taking reference from the statistics, we can come to a conclusion that this year, a larger number of ITAs has been issued by this time, comparatively to the past year. Records reflect that only 9,465 ITAs had been issued last year by this time, while this year, a total of 24,652 ITAs have been issued so far. This means that with the aim to bring in more immigrants to the country, Canada has increased issuing of ITAs by 160 percent. While the CRS score is slightly higher than the draw of March 1, 2017– yet this CRS score is still the lowest when compared to the CRS threshold of 2016.