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First time Nova Scotia issues 314 invites through Express Entry-linked Stream

Posted On: 17-Aug-2018
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First time Nova Scotia issues 314 invites through Express Entry-linked Stream

Canada has ten provinces and the most unique province in the maple leaf nation is Nova Scotia. Recently, this province, for the first time has issued invitations to nearing to 314 applicants of federal Express Entry pool with minimum two years of work experience in the National Occupational Classification.

The above province issued invites majorly to Express Entry Candidates having eligible work experience as early childhood educators and assistants.

Nova Scotia office of the immigration department, spokesperson, Lynette Macleod revealed Candidate’s score was not a selection factor. Macleod further added, express entry applicants who have received a letter of interest will have 30 days time for submission of a complete application to the Nova Scotia province.

The above program is considered to be innovative, as it allows the officials to scan the pool of potential immigrants of the federal program and then choose only those applicants, to whom it desires to nominate depending on their qualifications.

For its nominee program, next week, the office of immigration anticipates sending nearing to 180 letters of interest to all prospective applicants.

Candidates of Express entry who got approval for the provincial nomination from Nova Scotia will get additional 600 points towards their Express Entry comprehensive Ranking System Sore and they can move to the head of the line to get an invite to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence.

The office of immigration of Nova Scotia Province considers the stream to be flexible and stated that the specified occupations may vary draw to draw depending on the province needs.

The above steam is definitely a good example as to how Nova Scotia is continuously innovating as well as fine tuning its use of express entry.

The applicant has to be proactive and must prepare their documents well ahead of time, the reason being the applicant will only have a 30 day window to submit their complete application.

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