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Foreign students queuing for Canada students’ visa

Posted On: 28-Feb-2019
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Foreign students queuing for Canada students’ visa

Canada has emerged as the new study destination for global pre-university students.  A large number of students from different countries around the globe are applying for Canada Students Visa.  Previously parents would dream of sending their children to the US or UK for advanced education. However, the recent statistics show that Canada has moved way ahead of its competitors and has become the first choice of parents looking to send their children abroad to study.

What are the reasons behind students anxiously waiting for Canada student’s visa to materialize their dreams to study abroad? Well, there are some very obvious reasons, like the lower cost of living and crime rates compared to the USA and the UK. When parents are sending off their wards abroad, safety and cost efficiency are the two most important factors they consider. Canada becomes the first choice of anxious parents by promising to provide their children with both.

Apart from the low cost of living and crime rates, Canada has the best education system in the world. The University of Toronto has been ranked as one of the elite global universities in the QS World University ranking 2018. Ontario alone has around 20 top colleges with 5000 plus programs across 200 domains of study. The students can choose from a one-year certification program to two to three career building courses.  The courses offered in the Universities and Colleges in Canada are accredited worldwide.

Canada is seeing the influx of global students since 2016 after the declaration of Canada students’ visa that allows students to stay and work in the country even after they have completed their studies. Many students are moving to Canada for their graduation which gives them time to acclimatize to the prevalent culture in Canada before opting for the post-graduation degree.

The increasing number of application for Canada students’ visa will continue in the upcoming years as well. To know more about the requirements for studying in Canada and process of obtaining Canada students’ visa, contact Kansas student visa consultants or call @ 040-40307077 today.

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