Foreign Visitors to USA must provide details of their social media during their entry

Posted on October 27, 2016

Visitors entering USA on a visa waiver need to submit their social media details while making an entering into US– says a new protocol by the US government. While this plan was conceptualized in the month of June, the Office of Management and Budget is currently assessing the initiative to determine the cost on this plan. If Office of Management and Budget approves this plan, citizens from visa exempt countries will have to mention their social media login credentials on the customs documents. As of the news, this initiative has been taken to enhance the current investigating methodologies and clear the doubts DHS may have regarding a visitor’s harmful intentions or connections with a criminal world. “The social media collection program “may help detect potential threats because experience has shown that criminals and terrorists, whether intentionally or not, have provided previously unavailable information via social media that identified their true intentions. The collection of social media identifiers will not be used to prevent travel based on applicant’s political views, race, or religion”, said a CBP spokesperson.

Expectations are that if approved, this initiative may come into effective by the end of year 2016.