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From dust to glory- how life of a Patiala man changed in Canada

Posted On: 26-Jul-2017
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Canada is a life-changing destination. When it comes to giving success, it keeps no bias between the home-born & expats. And, this statement is well proved by the success story of Steve Gupta- an Indian-immigrant owning today’s largest chain of hotels in Canada.

Steve Gupta, an origin of Patiala left India in his 20’s to explore the world & what it had in store for him. At an interview with Times of India, Steve Gupta threw a light on his success journey & said,”I just wanted see the world. I went to the UK, stayed there for two months and then proceeded to Canada. Some people discouraged me, but I applied for immigration in Toronto, and got it in 20 days. That’s how I decided to stay in Canada. Subsequently, I returned to India to get married, and we started our life here in 1973.” 

After having lived in Canada as permanent resident, then followed by citizenship, Steve Gupta today is the owner of Canada’s biggest private hotel chain- the Easton’s Group of Hotels. He runs 29 flagship hotels under the brands of Hilton, Marriott, Holiday Inn and Starwood across Canada and employees more than 2000 people.

“When I was young, I used to dream about owning fivestar hotels one day. God has been kind. We have worked very hard to build this group from scratch,” quotes Gupta.

Steve Gupta’s Success Journey- at a glance

Peeping into history, Steve Gupta had started his career in Canada as an insurance agent. He says initially he went door to door in Toronto to sell insurance. By 1978, he had saved a good amount and all set to take up a business opportunity knocking his door. He bought a truck stop & gas bar near to Toronto. He gave up on everything to make the truck shop a big success. Since he was fascinated by the real estate industry, he simultaneously started buying properties, renovating them and selling them at a larger amount. Later, he shifted his focus to apartment properties & by time became the owner of thousands of apartment units in Toronto.

Gupta’s made his entry into the hotel industry in 1997, when he bought an old police building and renovated it into a hotel. This hotel was in the heart of Toronto region. Since, then success walked hand in hand with the Gupta Group. He included his four well-educated children into his business of hotels & properties. The Gupta Group today, besides being the top personalities of Canada’s hotel industry have their roots all firm in the real estate market- making them top developers in Canada.

Indeed, Steve Gupta’s success journey is an inspiration to thousand of Indians planning for Canada immigration. By official figures, since last year this Maple country has been bestowing immigrants (especially from India) with more & more flourishing opportunities. Ask our experts for complete details on this & get prepared to settle in Canada- because sometimes, you need a foreign destination to flourish!

Source: The Times of India

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