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Germany Needs Skilled Workers, Increases Job Seeker Visas

Posted On: 03-Oct-2018
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Germany Needs Skilled Workers, Increases Job Seeker Visas

The government of Germany stated it intends to expand a system of 6-month visas enabling people from outside the European Union (EU) to search for jobs and migrate to Germany, this move would help the nation tackle the skilled worker’s shortfall. It also wishes to find a solution that would help well-settled asylum seekers, an issue that has divided the coalition.

After the leaders of the governing coalition met, the Interior Minister Horst Seehofer stated, presently the six-month visas are available to university graduates, this would be expanded to migrants having professional qualifications.

He emphasized that their nation is Europe’s biggest economy and it does not want immigration into the welfare system. The applicants must prove they are able to support themselves and should be able to speak German.

Like numerous other European nations, Germany is trying hard to strike a balance between the needs of its labor market and its aging native population and popular concern about immigration.

Hubertus Heil, Labor Minister stated that the government also agreed on “pragmatic” solution this would help resolve the status of the asylum-seekers who have been rejected and who have found work in Germany and at the same time, they are well integrated.

He added government desires to provide them reliable status, so we do not send the wrong people home and then find it difficult to hire skilled workers from third countries.

Details provided were vague, the government promised to draw up clear criteria in residency law over the coming months.

Horst Seehofer stated we desire to stick to the principle of keeping asylum as well as labor-related migration separate.

German leaders have acknowledged that varied sectors and regions face a shortage of skilled worker and they wish to prioritize the domestic workers as well as EU migrants, but that is not enough if we wish to preserve as well as stabilize economic growth of our social security systems, Horst Seehofer stated we require trained workers from 3rd nations.

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