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Germany requires a Skilled Worker Immigration in Six Figure Amount

Posted On: 01-Sep-2018
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Germany requires a Skilled Worker Immigration in Six Figure Amount

After the EU’s dispute this year, the German government has now agreed on a new Immigration Act. Finally, as labor market experts say “in order to meet the demand for jobs, in the future, this nation requires a skilled worker immigration in Six-figure amount”. The business representatives, trade unions and experts view there exist still significant room for improvement.

Marcel Fratzscher, President of the German Institute of Economic Research said, on July 2018 alone, there exist more than 800,000 vacancies across the nation. The other problem not well addressed by the experts include not recognizing the degrees granted by foreign nations. It must go faster and has to be less bureaucratic.

In four pages, the essential guidelines are outlined. To get permission to immigrate, the decisive factors include professional qualifications, language skills and age. As per the plan, the focus is not only is on graduates, but also on immigrants who have undergone vocational training.

In the future, the government will not be insisting on priority examination, however in the short term, the government of Germany will reserve itself the possibility to reintroduce the priority test “for the protection” of the German workers .

Numerous business representatives feel positive about the elimination of the priority test. If a candidate is from outside EU and presently desires to work in Germany and also submits an existent job offer, the Employment Agency must carry out such an examination.

Kramer, President of Employer Association, stated that removal of the restriction to the previously narrowly defined “bottleneck occupations” would enable that in principle immigration could happen into all training occupations and the actual requirements in the labor market could be covered with professionals from abroad.

Kramer demanded that it should be made possible for people from a foreign nation, who have completed education, must take up a job, even though they may not have 100% equivalent to a German training.

The major requirement to be fulfilled for immigration is that, applicant can earn their own living. And the government would prevent immigration into the social systems. For more details schedule an appointment.

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