H1B Visa category not to be removed but to face strict changes

Posted on December 23, 2016

The recent update on the US H1B visa category coming in from the President makes it clear that there is no such plan of completing eliminating the H1B visa category. The Visa category may experience strict changes that may bring in certain complications to the process, but the category remains to work for H1B Visa aspirants. Moreover, the government does not aim to remove illegal immigrants or block entry of Muslims, instead illegal immigrants with criminal charges recorded will have to leave the country. Going further, applicants willing to enter USA will be vetted carefully before their arrival is accepted into the country.

One of the most predictable changes that would be seen to the H1B visas very soon in an increase in the visa fees. Since USA has many Indians who aspire to fly to USA on H1B visas, the increase in visa fees is more like to affect the Indian professionals most- especially from the IT sector.