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After H1B Visa, Trump Administration now against the International Entrepreneur Rule

Posted On: 12-Jul-2017
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No sooner than the recent freeze attack by the Trump administration on US immigrants (H1B visa holders), The Trump administration is all set to target foreign entrepreneurs now. News released on Monday states that the administration is doing all its best to eliminate a recent designed federal rule that would aid & attract entrepreneurs to have their own start-ups in the United States. The US government may pause or even completely abolish since by the rule, the competition would be tough & hit the job market of the United States.

Sources reveal that the International Entrepreneur Rule was expected to initially come into effect from March, and later delayed to July; yet the administration is reluctant and aims to potentially withdraw the rule completely now. However, before making an official announcement, Department of Homeland Security announced that it would take comments from public about completely eliminating the rule.

Through the rough stats estimated by the Department of Homeland Security, about 3,000 entrepreneurs with min. $250,000 as financial support would have got a chance to live (for 30 months or more) and have their own start up in the United States, if the rule have been effective.

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