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Immigration offers Canada a Huge Advantage over the US

Posted On: 06-Nov-2018
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Immigration offers Canada a Huge Advantage over the US

Recently, Fortune’s Most Powerful Women International Summit was held in Montreal. Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister also attended the summit.

During the summit, he also responded to different questions raised by the audience, one of the questions was, as to how Maple leaf nation is competing with Great Nation the United States on attracting business. While responding to this question, he stated that, “We’re a country that is open to immigration right now”, Canada immigration offers a competitive edge over the US, that’s a big advantage, I do not see US matching, anytime soon.

In October, this year, Trudeau also attended Fortune’s Global Forum, held in Toronto. Before the summit’s opening dinner, he gave a speech that alternated between French and English. Later Fortune’s Nina Easton interviewed him on stage.

In the summit Trudeau stated that, Canadians have favourable views on immigration. Canada’s citizen’s attitudes enable the nation to issues visas to top talent in mere two weeks and annually it can admit nearing to 1% of its population. It is a massive advantage, which puts the nation ahead in the corporate world despite the US recent move of reducing corporate taxes.

Trudeau appreciated and gave credit to Chrystia Freeland the Foreign Affairs Minister for Canada; even she attended the summit and was all set to speak.

He added that, she was the dominant force behind Canada’s negotiations with the neighbouring nation US over NAFTA. Due to unorthodox tactics of Donald Trump President of the United States, negotiations were very tricky.

Trudeau stated “We knew that it wasn’t a zero-sum game. The right deal for Canada would go hand-in-hand with the right deal for the United States,”

Trudeau, the son of former Prime Minister- Pierre Trudeau, ended his speech on a reflective note. He stated that, the people of Canada heavily influence his leadership and decisions.

He further added, his father entered politics with many academic notions as to how society needs to be. He was an academician, but I am more of a teacher. When compared to my father, I am more willing to let Canadians have their word.

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