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Impact of New Immigration Rules on Skilled Professionals in United States

Posted On: 03-Dec-2016
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The stance new President may take on H1-B visa processing has already put tech workers of Silicon Valley under much pressure. Most of the corporate are rethinking on further recruitment that may lead them onto the wrong side of the coin during Donald Trump’s presidency. While some of the corporate believe in accelerating the process of green cards for their present employees, there still prevails a fear of taking the stance. Entrepreneur visa holders are also under pressure of whether they would be allowed to proceed with their plans if they submit applications for their process. Likewise, skilled workers from other countries with rich experience are also worried about about the changes that would be implemented in the reign of Donald Trump. Statistics show that over 67% of total Silicon Valley’s population are foreign born and most of them run a startup business. The dilemma whether to expand their business within the same nation or to shift their business to other countries is what corporate are experiencing largely- sources say. However, many foreign skilled foreign still hope that Trump administration will believe in the contribution of their skills in developing US economy and retain their employment options within the country.

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