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Increase in Demand of Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program among Skilled Workers

Posted On: 31-Jan-2019
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Increase in Demand of Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program among Skilled Workers

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program has successfully welcomed many candidates to Canada.  From its introduction in March 2017, nearly 1,073 skilled candidates were accepted for Nova Scotia Immigration. The program was aimed at welcoming the newcomers to get settled with the targeting the labour market needs.

The CEO of the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration – Tracey Taweel said, the number of immigrants changed from 600 to 1,350 in just some years. This statement stated while performing her presentation on the changes to the legislature’s human resource committee.

“The federal government was responsive to the region as a whole and the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, giving us further space to continue to grow our immigration numbers.”

Since, the program requires job offer for eligibility, nearly 737 Nova Scotia employers were allotted for providing jobs for the eligible immigrants since the beginning. And, successfully about 1,073 candidates reached Canada with the opportunity.

Immigrants over 15,000 have been welcomed to the province through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program; and most of the nominated candidates belonged from India, China, the Philippines, Nigeria, and the U.K.

When considering the total immigrant’s number of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, about 71 percent of them are staying in the province. This represents that, there are most of the skilled candidates opting Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. The demand has been increased and thus it can be expected that, in the coming years, the intakes will increase along with the increase of the in-demand occupations.

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