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Increase In Time-frame Of Quebec’s Arrima Expression Of Interest

Posted On: 21-Nov-2018
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Increase In Time-frame Of Quebec’s Arrima Expression Of Interest

As per the report derived from the Government of Quebec, the applicants who have initiated their profile with Quebec immigration will have a time period of Ninety (90) days to submit their complete Arrima Expression of Interest. Hence, with the new extension of the deadline from 30 days to 90 days, candidates can successfully submit their Expression of Interest.

The immigration ministry of the Quebec has stated that, “From the date an expression of interest is created, individuals now have 90 days to complete and submit it. “

“Beyond this timeframe, an expression of interest form that is not submitted will be deleted along with the information it contains. If this occurs, individuals who are still interested in immigrating to Québec can complete a new one.”

The Quebec immigration government has launched the EOI system on 18th September of the year 2018. Within this change, it has aimed to produce a structured format for immigration and find the right candidates to match the labor needs of the market.

To get migrated for the Quebec province, the interested skilled candidates have to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) and then enter into the pool, where candidates are placed according to their highest profile scores. There is always a tendency that, the highest ranked profile receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for a Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ) faster.

Though there are chances of conducting EOI draws for Quebec, there is no further detail received from the Quebec immigration government.

Functionality of the Quebec Expression of Interest:

  • Need of submitting an expression interest by creating an online profile for the Quebec Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion (MIDI).
  • The profiles are then entered into the EOI pool. Here, the profiles are valid for a year and also, they are placed according to their profile ranks.
  • The candidates entering under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program with the top-ranking score receive an ITA or Invitation to Apply for Quebec Certificate of Selection.
  • Based on the periodic draws conducted by the Quebec government, candidates are invited to apply for a Quebec certificate of selection (CSQ).
  • A 90 days’ time-frame is provided to candidates who get an ITA for submitting a complete application.
  • The granted candidates receiving a nomination certificate (CSQ) can then apply for Canada Permanent Residency.

Quebec Eligible Factors and their Maximum Points:

Education 14
Areas of training 12
Work experience 8
Age 16
Language proficiency 22
Time spent and family in Quebec 8
Spouse/common-law partner 17
Job offer 14
Accompanying children 8
Financial self-sufficiency 1

Needs for Quebec Immigration:

  • Need of scoring eligible points under the factors.
  • A valid employment offer.
  • Consideration of the accompanied partner or spouse’s qualifications.
  • Need of qualifying under the High Demand Occupations Lists and Areas of Training.

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