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Increased Number of Visas in Trump New Immigration Plan

Posted On: 26-Apr-2019
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Increased Number of Visas in Trump New Immigration Plan

A merit Based immigration proposal being put together by White House senior advisor Jared Kushner could lead to an increase from US visas for extremely skilled employees, sources familiar with the effort said on Wednesday.

Kushner is likely to present the detailed plans next week to President Donald Trump, who’ll decide whether or not to embrace it as his official position or deliver it back the sources said.

Democrats, whose service the White House would need to advance any sort immigration law through Congress, insisted that DACA recipients be protected. In a Time magazine forum in NY on Tuesday, Kushner said he was working well with Miller, an immigration hawk, on the topic.

Republicans have mostly affirmed his immigration proposals, but the most recent White House plan intends to bring them together on a broader basis. Some from the US business community has asked that the number of visas is increased to attract more workers from overseas for technical jobs amid a flourishing US economy.

Trump himself has talked of the necessity to bring in workers. The immigration program would either render the number of visas every year in the same level or increase it slightly, the sources said.

The general purpose is to reshape the visa program to a more merit-based system, a Trump goal that is crucial. Officials working on the plan have been reviewing the systems utilized by Canada and Australia as potential models for the Trump effort.

The team has been working on a guest workers program as part of the proposal to address the US agriculture community’s need for seasonal labour while not hurting workers, but nothing has been finalized, the sources said.

The proposal will include recommendations for modernizing ports of entry along the US boundary to ensure safe trade while preventing illegal activity. It also intends to reduce the number of immigrants prepared to enter the US based on their household ties, the sources said.

Trump has already taken measures to address those immigrants who overstay their visa. His goal on the immigration plan in the very least would be to get a document which represents the immigration policy of the president and supply something which Republicans can rally around.

Source: Business standard

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