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India introduces a 5-yr multiple entry visa for business owners from UAE

Posted On: 06-Mar-2017
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With an aim to improve the investment and trade links with the United Arab Emirates, Indian government soon shall introduce a 5 yr multiple entry visas for the business people of the UAE. As of the current system, the business visas are granted to businessmen during their each individual trip. The introduction of the 5-yr multiple entry visas would bring about a smooth to-and-fro system for businessmen who often have to trip to India for investing or trading purposes.

Navdeep Suri, the Indian Ambassador to the UAE explained this new idea and the benefits of this visa. As of the news, the visas will be available for eligible citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. The Indian Embassy also stated that this visas will not be granted to businessmen who are involved in money laundering or petty trade. These visas would be only granted to business people who have proven motives to invest or operate in Indian business, provided that there are no concerns about the size and legitimacy of the business they are involved in.

This introductory plan is in progress and would be put into place from April 2017. It is expected that this new visa plan would benefit business, trade, and tourism by attracting a large number of Gulf business owners, investors and traders to our nation. The business gulf countries with India would certainly see a growing phase by the introduction of this visa.

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