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India recorded as the largest source of immigration for Australia

Posted On: 28-Mar-2018
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India recorded as the largest source of immigration for Australia

Immigration has been a key driver of skilled talent to Australia. Since past two decades, India has be the largest resource country of immigration this nation of opportunities. In 1996, approximately 3000 Indians migrated to Australia. In 2017, nearly 38,900 skilled visas were issued to Indians, making it by far the largest primary source country for Australian immigration.

With professionals from China, UK, Malaysia etc. in the competition for Australian immigrant 2017 status, Indians were more successful in acquiring the skilled visas of Australia. Following India, China and UK nationals remained a secondary source on the same list.

While Australia’s skilled immigration is booming, the temporary migration has also increased drastically over past 2 decades. It is said that this increase is due to the efforts of consecutive Australian governments who are linking immigration well with the needs of the Australia Labor market. Student visas and 457 visas have been the key routes of temporary migration to Australia. According to the statement of the Guardian, the number of migrants arriving in Australia as students and professionals has gone three times higher than that of the past. In 1996, approx 113,000 immigrants entered Australia while in 2017, nearly 340,000 immigrants have called it their new home.

Based on the existing figures and projections of immigration, the Productivity Commission of Australia estimates the population to reach 40 million by 2050. Referring to the report, the prominent professor, Jock Collins, at the Sydney University of Technology quotes “Immigration is a defining feature of Australia’s economic and social life.”

Have a look at the number of migrants Australia received in 2017 and from where:

  • India-38,900
  • China-28,300
  • UK-17,000
  • Philippines-12,200
  • Pakistan-6,600
  • Vietnam-5,500
  • South Africa-4,600
  • Nepal-4,300
  • Malaysia-4,000
  • Ireland-3,900

These figures do include migrants from New Zealand, as their migration is not considered under the immigration programs of Australia.

Source: DIBP

Reference: The Guardian

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