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India & Sweden to speed up processing time of work and tourist visas

Posted On: 22-Aug-2017
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With many countries coming up with flexibilities in their visa processing time, India and Sweden keep themselves nowhere behind. In order to boost the business ties between each other, both these countries have called to speed up their visa processing time for tourist visas and work permits. After India launched a direct flight from New Delhi to Stockholm, the Commercial Director of Air India at the Stockholm festival said

“This is a great and historic moment for both the countries and a result of these initiatives ties of people from Sweden and India would strengthen.”

Similarly with the same aim, Sweden shall be opening a retail store- IKEA in India, which would give more investors from Sweden to plan to invest in India and travel frequently to India. Also, since the country is experiencing a labor crisis in the Information Technology sector and its all set to address the visa processing issues. At the same time the country is working on facilitation of adequate housing for Indian workers that would help them stay in the country for a longer time. Thomas Anderson expressed his aim behind this initiative. He said the government is, at its best putting efforts to make Stockholm a cosmopolitan and India-friendly city.  The government is working towards addressing the housing problems faced by outsiders and also easing rules for rent regulations and visa processing formalities.

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