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Indian Researches must get special visas- demand by Australian Research Universities

Posted On: 29-Jan-2018
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Indian Researches must get special visas- demand by Australian Research Universities

The eight grouped Australian Research Universities have a special demand for Indian researchers. They said that Indian researches must get a special visa to travel to Australia and India with liberal visa norms. This visa must be granted to students who seek to study Doctoral degree in any of the two nations, says the Group of Eight.

This demand has been placed after analyzing the barriers that are affecting the flow of Doctoral students in both the nations. A report has been compiled pertaining to the academic relations of both India and Australia. According to the report, several logistic barriers, lack of awareness and financial aspects are hindering the flow of students among these two nations. As a solution, Australian Universities recommend to launch special visas for Doctoral Degree holders and researchers. According to the report, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of Indian students in Australia who opt for Doctoral Programs. Calculated from 2006 to 2016, nearly 1,093 students migrated to Australia for doctoral studies. This accounts for over 60% increase in a span of a decade.

Addressing this concern, Vicki Thomson, the CEO of Australian Research Universities said that the Indian Government has launched several initiatives to reform its economy. It has also been seen how Indian firms and Australian firms in India can jointly sponsor Indian students for Doctoral studies. “This will be applicable to PHD. projects that are relevant to their businesses, added Thomson” quoted the Business Standard.

The Director of ITT Bombay, Mr. Devang Khakhar also had his few words in support of this initiative. He said that such an initiative is a need of the hour. Doctoral degree holders contribute well to the growing need of faculties in educational institutions. He also said that this huge demand for Doctoral degree holders in India owes to the increase in number of the institutions. Mr. Khakhar also stated that the IIT Bombay is currently running a Doctoral Program in collaboration with the University of Monash, Australia. This has been an ongoing process since 11 years. Until now while Indian students were only benefitting from this program, from this year onwards, students from Australia will be invited to pursue their Doctoral programs here in India.

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