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Indians have been and are Still in Demand in Australia

Posted On: 31-Aug-2018
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Indians have been and are Still in Demand in Australia

India has a long history of migration and many Indian migrants have made a deep impact on Australian Society. Australian Government figures reveal that our nation, India, still remains the main source of skilled migration to Australia. That’s not all; Indian migrants have made a significant contribution to the Australian economy.

Lesleyanne Hawthorne, in her recent discussion paper for the Australia India Institute, has said that in the year 2016-17 an additional 14,899 primary applicants were given permanent skilled visas, compared to the previous year 12,649 candidates were awarded PR and for the 2008-2009, 9,825 candidates received PR.

She added Indian Skilled migrants, are characterized by high labor market participation, employment rates and earning. They tend to have the potential to provide a productive premium, due to their level of English, tertiary training, relative youth and acculturation.

Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals that Indian born taxpayers have generated billions for the Australian economy. In the year 2011-2012, the total income generated was $53.4 billion and out of which $7.9 billion was contributed by Indian migrant taxpayers.

And still, they keep pouring in. And during the period 2008-2009 to 2016-2017, she stated, 114,640 were issued visas under Australia’s skilled immigration program. This number is high when compared to Australia’s other top source nations such as the UK, Ireland, Malaysia and the Philippines.

In the same period, our country, India, has become Australia’s second top source for Temporary visa applicants, having 96,212 new grants, just behind the United Kingdom but far exceeding the scale of grants to other nations such as the Philippines, China and the US.

Previously under 457 visa, we find successful applicants could stay in Australia for about 4 years and during that period, they can apply for an extension of stay and if they played their cards right, they were able to convert onshore to permanent residence status.

Presently Australia’s 457 temporary visa has been abolished under the new policy and it is replaced by two eligible skilled migration lists. Thus, Australia will still remain a magnet for skilled Indian workers. For more information Ask Our Experts.

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