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Indians recorded to be the 2nd largest Immigrant Group in Australia

Posted On: 07-Jul-2017
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The Australia Bureau of Statistics released a report detailing the latest stats of the country’s changing demographics & population. It states that since 2011, about 1.3 million new people in the form of immigrants have adopted Australia as their new home. While this entire new population holds nationalities from 180 countries worldwide, the largest group comes from China & on the second number, from India.

According to the official & latest census data, nearly 1,63,000 people from India & 1,91,000 from China have migrated to Australia since 2011. To amazement, Australian Capital Territory has been the most chosen state, recording the highest population of new residents (over 40,000 residents in past 5 years). With this, states like Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Sunshine State are among the high preferred destinations for permanent stay.

Also, the census records say, that it was for the first time in history that China, India, and the Philippines topped the list as countries of birth other than Australia, for Australian residents.

All the above statements make it evident enough that Australia, undoubtedly is emerging as one among the most preferred destinations for immigration by the Indian nationalities.  Considering this increasing preference of Australia among the immigration-motivation crowd & the need to make Australia Immigration an easier approach, Australia immigration implemented changes which came into effect from July 1, 2017.

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