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Indians Recorded as the Largest Immigrant Community Globally

Posted On: 03-Apr-2018
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Indians Recorded as the Largest Immigrant Community Globally

The Global Immigration report by the United Nations recently revealed that in 2017 Indians have been recorded as the largest immigrant community globally. In the recent times, there have nearly 17 million Indians recorded who chose to immigrate to popular nations of Gulf, Europe, US etc. Among these over 5 million immigrated to Gulf. After India, nations like Mexico, Russia, China, Bangladesh, Syria etc. have been recorded as the next largest sources of immigration.

The report also conveys a message on how immigration has grew in the least span of time. Today the global immigrant population stand at 258 million, showing a tremendous increase of 29% since 2000, reflects the report.

Supporting the same news, the Hindu Business Line features statistics of Indians who have migrated to various nations in past years. The news states that nearly 3 million moved from India to reside in the United Arab Emirates, 2 million to Saudi Arabia and 2 million called United States their new home.

The UN report also demonstrates that overseas immigration has greatly contributed to the increase in population of various nations worldwide. Immigration brings a stable solution to decreasing population of nations. For instance, between 2000 and 2015, immigration contributed to a 42% increase in population in North America, whereby the nations of NA were facing decreasing population numbers and low birth rates.

From the past two years, India has been a popular source of immigration. Both Canada and Australia welcomed immigrants from India in large numbers. Sources say that this year, India again remains a priority for nations to attract immigrants by easy means. If you are planning to immigrate, there is no better time than now. Check your scope for immigration and be the millions of Indians who are enjoying a successful overseas careers.

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