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Indian’s seek Canada as the booming tech over U.S – Indeed Study Reports

Posted On: 25-Oct-2018
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According to the recent study conducted by the job site – Indeed; Canada has been the most selective over the United States for the job seekers from India with searches for the leading tech jobs, i.e. it is enhancing the skilled candidates to get migrated and settle as the Canadian Permanent Resident.

Though the study targeted job searches from 58 countries over the two-year-period; Canada and the U.S have been the most particular.

It has been observed that the search has been raised from 6% to 13% between August 2016 and July 2018. Besides, within the same period, the searches from India for the United States employment opportunities drops from 60% to 50%, i.e. “with Canada picking up most of the displaced interest.”

Also, the report states, “This net 17 percentage point narrowing in relative search popularity was easily the largest swing among the countries we analyzed”.

The study has declared that “Canada’s booming tech scene” has made Canada improve its search, whereas, the tightened administration of U.S President Donald Trump for the U.S H-1B visa program resulted as a drawback for searches.

Likewise, the improved access to temporary work visas for eligible workers through the Global Skills Strategy and its Global Talent Stream program from Canada has made a boon for job seekers.

All around, the Indeed study acknowledges Canada with a share of searches rising in 41 of the 58 countries and the United States with a share of searches in 25 of the 41 countries. Even, in comparison within the remaining 16 countries, U.S declined its search volume and Canada’s Immigration share grew with a massive occurring from India.

Based on the Indeed Study, the top ten job searches according to their rank are:

1 Business Analyst
2 Mechanical Engineer
3 Software Developer
4 Project Manager
5 Web Developer
6 Data Scientist
7 Java Developer
8 Civil Engineer
9 Software Engineer
10 Data Analyst

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