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The Investor Program of Quebec immigration will reopen on May 29, 2017

Posted On: 04-Apr-2017
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Quebec’s one of the most well-known programs for investors is all set to open within the next two months. The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) is a Canadian Immigration program specifically designed for the international investors. This is called to be Canada’s only passive investor immigration program- being associated with the best benefits than any other investor immigration programs globally. By the means of this program, international investors can obtain Canada Permanent Residency status by investing CAD $800,000 without any risk.

Benefits of the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program:

  •  There is no conditional or probationary stage associated with this program. All successful applications by default lead the applicant to a Canadian permanent residency status. This feature makes QIIP much beneficial when compared to EB-5 program of the United States, where the applicants have to prove that they have created 10 jobs within the past 2 yrs for eligibility.
  •  The investment of QIIP which equals an amount of CAD $800,000 can be paid by the applicant or arranged through a financial financing source. The benefit here is that the investment is guaranteed by Government authority of Quebec and returned to the investor in full after completion of five years.
  •  The QIIP program of Canadian immigration allows immediate members (spouse/common-law partner and dependent children under 19 yrs) of the applicant’s family to be included in the application. These members also become Canadian permanent residents by obtaining a Canada PR visa after a successful application. Plus, the entire family gets to enjoy all benefits of a PR visa holder- free healthcare and medical, ease of education in world-class universities of Canada etc.
  • On meeting Canada’s Citizenship naturalization criteria, by the means of QIIP an applicant can also claim Canadian citizenship.

Requirements of Quebec Immigrant Investor Program:

Minimum Net Worth: Applicant must have a min. CAD $1.6 million in net worth, which he/she or the spouse has acquired through legal means. Assets like bank account, property, stocks & shares, pension funds etc. can be included.
Investment: With an intention to settle in Quebec, applicant must agree in written to invest CAD $800,000, by self or through the support of a financial intermediary. This agreement must be signed with financial intermediary- a broker or a trust company that is authorized to be a part of the QIIP.
Experience in Management: Applicants must have at least two years of management experience, which is not older than past 5 yrs. However, the experience is not only limited to commercial activities. Experience gained from any government agency or department or even international agency will be considered.

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