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IRCC announces several reforms to the immigration regulations- implementation expected in 2018

Posted On: 13-Oct-2016
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Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has made an announcement that soon the immigration regulations will experience several reforms. Several Government Departments of Canada regularly releases Forward Regulatory Plans to inform the locals and the businesses about changes in rules and regulations and in the recently published Forward Regulatory Plan for the year 2016-208, IRCC has stated about the reforms to the immigration regulations and has list the areas that may experience the change. Sources reveal that these changes are expected to come into effect from 2018:

  1.  Definition of the Dependent Children to be reformed
  2.  Modifications to the Provisional PR for Newly Sponsored Partners
  3.  Reforms to Support Changes in the Citizenship Act
  4.  Changes to Business Migration Programs
  5.  Modifications to the International Mobility Program
  6.  Reforms to Support the Expansion of Eligibility for the ETA.
  7.  Changes to Support the Extension of Biometrics
  8.  Alterations to Support 5 Nation Conference Information Sharing
  9.  Modifications to aid Further Enhancements to the In-Canada Asylum Structure
  10.  Reforms to Support the Electronic Administration/Processing of Applications under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

In context to this announcement, Attorney David Cohen said “Many of these changes and objectives may seem unconnected to the most popular streams of immigration — for example, Express Entry and the Provincial Nominee Programs are not mentioned. However, individuals interested in immigrating to Canada should note that this Forward Regulatory Plan reflects an ongoing commitment from IRCC to remain accountable and transparent to the public, and to continue to improve its services.”

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