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IRCC states Indian techies as the benefit to Canada’s Information Technology Sector

Posted On: 24-Jun-2019
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IRCC states Indian techies as the benefit to Canada’s Information Technology Sector

Canada’s Skills Programme has proved the best in inviting tech talents across the globe. Indians account over half of the total number. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) stated that a total of 17,132 work permits issued for techies from various parts of the world and Indian’s account with 9,462 work permits. This was an analysis performed by the IRCC at the end of December 2018.

Canada’s Global Skills Strategy (GSS) has made a great boon in increasing Canada’s Information Technology Sector. Though the uncertainty with work visas with the US becomes the other reason; Canada becomes the luckiest with this in inviting Indian tech talents.

The objective was to invite tech talents with Canada’s Global Skills Strategy, and Indians make the best in utilizing this.  The statistics from the IRCC stated that, from the total 17,132 approved work permits, Indian account 9,462 and China stands next with 1,420.

The Government of Canada feels this as a great success and states its top five areas which attracted talents across the globe. The five areas which have attracted techies are Computer Analysts and Consultants, Interactive Media Programmers and developers, University Professors and lecturers, Software Engineers and rest from the Info Systems and Data Processing Space. Indians are found to be the maximum in these top five areas.

The spokesperson of IRCC – Rémi Larivière stated that the GSS had done its objective of attracting top talents from across the globe into Canada at a faster rate.

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