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From January 2018, Japan visa rules to be simplified for Indians

Posted On: 27-Nov-2017
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Embassy of Japan confirms that from the start of the New Year 2018, Japan will have easy visa rules for Indians. Candidates who prefer to stay for a short-term in Japan will be offered a manifold entry-visa. This visa will grant the visa holder a 5 year multiple entry validity after he or she has completed a stay of 3 months. The condition here is that the applicant must have two or more than two journey accounts to Japan in the past one year. Also, these applicants must submit only need to submit visa application and their passports.

The columns of New Indian Express highlight that the introduction to such a visa will also simplify the process and broaden the scope of qualified applications of Japan Visa.  Moreover, with this the application criteria for multiple entry visas will also be simplified by exempting the requirement of explanation letter and employment certificate.

Similarly, a press release from the Foreign Ministry of Japan also talked about this simplified Japan visa rules for the nationals of India. This press release stated that this multiple entry visa will demand only three documents- financial statements, passport and visa application form. The business migrants from India will be required to provide an evidence of their affiliation to enterprises through certain documents. Also, the press release stated that through this regime, it can be expected that the communication between India and Japan will strengthen and enhance to a great extent.

Indeed Japan is doing all its best to stronger the ties between the two nations. It is the second initiative that has been announced this year. Earlier in February, Japan announced visa application ease factors for students from India who wanted to pursue their education in Japan. If you are willing to take the advantage of these easing opportunities by applying for a Japan study visa or visit visa, contact us.

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