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Japan aims to recruit 2 lakh IT professionals from India

Posted On: 12-Mar-2018
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Japan aims to recruit 2 lakh IT professionals from India

With the country’s rapidly expanding IT infrastructure, Japan will open up its arms wide to invite 2 lakh IT professionals from IT on a long term visa. This news has been confirmed by Shigeki Maeda, the Executive Vice President of Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) a government body. This keynote was addressed by JETRO Vice President at India-Japan Business Partnership Seminar, an event jointly organized by Jetro and Bangalore Chamber of Industry.

Currently there are around 9, 20,000 IT professionals in the country and there is an immediate demand for more than 2, 00,000 IT professionals from India which is likely to further swell to 8,00,000 professionals by 2030,” he said.

The yawning gap in Japan of skills makes the country look forward to India’s assistance in the IT space. Many Japanese companies feel the limitations to conventional in house innovation. With this in mind, the country is moving towards most advanced IT technology capabilities. The Vice Present calls out India to be “an ideal partner to look out for IT skills and candidature.” He also stated that the country is on a journey to adapt and adopt innovation. With the emerging technologies, Japan is also revolutionizing its manufacturing strategies, said Shigeki Maeda.

“Due to this conscientious process, there is a dearth of well-qualified and trained IT professionals to enhance its competitiveness, particularly, in the areas of life-science, finance, services and agriculture,” he quotes.

Representing a part of the Japanese Government, Maeda said that the government will issue green card for highly skilled professionals. This can get highly skilled people a permanent resident status in one year. Also, with effect from January 1 2018, the visa rules for Indian travelers have been eased. As per the new norms, the applicant will not be required to submit their employment certificates & letters of explanation for multiple entry visas. Also, the number of documents to be submitted has been reduced to three. In case a person has travelled to Japan twice or more in a year, he or she can submit only two documents, i.e. a visa application form and a valid passport.

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