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Japan announces the opening of Green Card as a welcoming token for Indian IT professionals

Posted On: 10-Feb-2017
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While the doors seem to be shutting down for IT professionals in United States, other countries well known for their IT industry like Canada and Japan are ready with proposals of welcome for the Indian IT professionals. Where recently, the Canadian Prime Minister tweeted #WelcomeToCanada, Japan is now launching a fresh law to lessen the waiting period for skilled Indian workers to obtain a Green Card with a status of PR.

As India & tech workers from India have a great scope in tie-up with Japan, though the country has opened this program for all the nationalities, it majorly focuses Indian talent. Shigeki Maeda, the Executive VP of Japan External Trade Organization said “Under this program, “talented” or ” highly skilled” Indians, which include IT experts, could get PR status “in maybe a couple years contrasted with the five or six years in the US and the UK”. Previously too, at the Invest Japan Symposium in New Delhi (a media event organized by JETRO), Maeda said to the reporters ““India has very advanced technology. Our ICT-related industry does not have the talent and capacity of India. India and Japan will complement each other in this area.”

Though the announcement of Green Card opening has been official, sources reveal that the framework would be introduced from one year now.

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