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Job Bank Registration- no more mandatory

Posted On: 07-Jun-2017
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After nearly two-and-a-half years of maintaining Job Bank Registration a mandatory element for Canada Express Entry applicants, IRCC has now called it voluntary. A Job Bank of Canada is a free government aided resource which connects employers and eligible applicants while the candidate’s application lies in the Express Entry Pool. In case any Canadian employer finds an application potential, he can offer a job to the respective candidate and boost his points.

Effective from June 6, 2017 applicants without a job offer or a Provincial nomination can remain in the Express Entry Pool without a mandatory need of registering under Job Bank. Until the specified dates, the profiles of candidates who did not register with Job Bank expired within a time period of 30 days and were not eligible for any IRCC Draws during the meantime.

At a Canadian summit in Ottawa held last month, a Senior Policy Analyst from IRCC addressed this shift in process and quoted “Up until now, if you didn’t have a job offer or a provincial nomination, you had to go and register with Job Bank first before you could get into the Express Entry pool,” “We didn’t find that there were a lot of matches that were taking place in Job Bank. There were some, and we want that to continue, so we’re allowing people to go to Job Bank on an optional basis instead of as a required step.”

The benefit with this shift is that an applicant is no longer obliged to build an additional profile. This makes the process much simpler and avoids several complexities of registration.  This has also improved scope for candidates to get an Invitation to Apply without much dependency on a valid Canadian job offer.

For more information on how Canada Express Entry works or the role of Job Bank Registration, register for a free counselling by our Canada Immigration Expert.

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