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Job Vacancy Rate Reaches New Heights In Canada

Posted On: 13-Oct-2018
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Job Vacancy Rate Reaches New Heights In Canada

Canada job vacancies have increased about 19% during the last year to well over half a million. As per the Statistics Canada, new figures revealed that there were around 547,300 vacancies at the end of the June 2018, an increase of 87,100 on June 2017.

The numbers showcase as to how Canada is battling with a shrinking labour market and it is affecting the ability of the employers to fill vacancies.

Canada’s job vacancy rate increased from 2.9% to 3.4% during the same period. This nation is having the increase in each quarter since 2016 ending.

The British Columbia(BC) witnessed a job vacancy increase of nearing to 19,900 (23.2%). This included an increase of 3,900 (24.9%) jobs available in accommodation and food services, 3,700 (45.8%) in constructions and about 2,900 (28.5%) in retail trade.

Presently British Columbia PNP has a job vacancy rate of 4.7%, joint highest in all the provinces alongside Prince Edward Island. Ontario was the other big mover, adding nearing to 19,700 job vacancies during the last year and experienced a rise of 10.06%.

Quebec experienced sharpest rise in job vacancies when compared to other provinces, during the last year it has posted 32,600 additional jobs, it experienced growth of 38.9%, double the national average.

Since eight consecutive quarter, the French-speaking province has been experiencing increased vacancies, with almost all sectors showing increases and a job vacancy rate of 3.2%.

Quebec’s most dramatic spike was seen in health care and social assistance, with 5,100 additional vacancies representing a 60.3% increase.

The Job vacancy rate for Canada’s largest province was about 3.3% having major vacancy increase in healthcare and social assistance 7,800 (46%) and administrative and support service 4,500 (27.7%).

In the second quarter of the year, 2018 nearing to 8 out of 10 Canada’s broad occupation categories revealed a vacancy increase. The largest vacancy increase was for trades, transport and equipment operators, it was about 29,100 (39.7%).

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